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Welcome to Sol Tech Solar – your trusted solar company for roofing services in Austin, TX! As a leading provider of residential solar and roofing services, we understand the unique needs of homeowners with existing solar panel systems. Wit this in mind, we're proud to now offer a comprehensive range of roofing services that can seamlessly integrate with your solar panels, ensuring the structural integrity and energy efficiency of your home.

Roofing Services
Solar Panel Replacement
Roofing Services
Solar Panel Replacement

Removing and Replacing Existing Solar Panels

If you are planning to get a new roof and have existing solar panels, our skilled team at Sol Tech Solar is here to assist you. We specialize in removing and replacing solar panels, ensuring a smooth transition during the roofing process. Whether you need to repair or upgrade your solar system, we have the expertise and experience to handle the job efficiently and effectively.

Taking Over Warranties

We understand that managing warranties and ensuring the longevity of your solar panels can be a challenge. That's why we offer assistance in taking over warranties for your solar panel systems. Our team of experts can help you navigate the process, ensuring that your warranties remain in effect and any necessary repairs or replacements are covered.

Solar, Batteries, Generators, and Electric Charging Stations

At Sol Tech Solar, we offer expertise in a wide range of solar-related services. In addition to roofing, we specialize in solar panel installations, battery installations for energy storage, generator installations for backup power, and electric charging station installations for electric vehicles. With our holistic approach to solar and roofing solutions, we can help you optimize your energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint.

Working Around Existing Solar Panel Systems

One of our unique strengths as a roofing service provider is our ability to work around existing solar panel systems. Our technicians are trained to carefully navigate and work with solar panel installations, ensuring efficient and damage-free roofing services. We take every precaution to protect the integrity of your solar panel investment while providing you with the highest standard of roofing services.

Choose Sol Tech Solar for Your Roofing Needs

As a homeowner with an existing solar panel system, you deserve a roofing service provider that understands the intricacies of such installations. Sol Tech Solar is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs while providing exceptional customer service. We prioritize your satisfaction and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every step of the process.

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If you're in need of roofing services in Austin, TX, look no further than Sol Tech Solar. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with any roofing project, whether it involves solar panel removal and replacement or general comprehensive roofing services. So let us help you enhance the beauty, durability, and energy efficiency of your home, and contact us today to schedule a consultation to experience the Sol Tech Solar difference first hand!


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